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With Kite and Surf Memories you will collect great memories of your Caribbean kite or surf trip for you, your family & friends. 4K Ultra HD video footage, smooth and jerk-free in the highest detail.

Please visit our YouTube channel to view examples of our footage. Regardless of your preferred sport, we aim to preserve your memories.

Do you do other activities in this beautiful country and want to save your memories in a high quality video or photos? Contact us, we love to preserve your memories.

Kite Memories

Victoria Bramtot

The girl Victoria Bramtot with only 11 years old from Sosúa wins first place in Kiteboarding competition in Las Terrenas. Victoria Bramtot won first place in the category of new talents 2022, Kiteboarding. Her parents, Anthony Bramtot and Cesarina Hiraldo also from Sosúa, are more than proud of their little girl, for her achievements, despite her young age.

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