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Agualina Kite Hotel

Just 15 minutes away from the international airport of Puerto Plata, the perfect kitesurfing or windsurfing vacation may be had at Agualina Kite Hotel in one of their opulent flats, apartments, or penthouses. The location is ideal for family vacations. Children can make magnificent sand castles or play around in the pool.

In the center of Cabarete’s kite beach sits the 4-star beachfront hotel. The journey to Cabarete town center takes just one minute by “guagua” or “motor taxi,” or you can choose to take a lovely 15-minute beach walk. Gorgeous ocean and beach views may be seen in every accommodation. You can also make use of Saving Grace, the massage and yoga therapist based in Agualina Kite Resort.

One of the top locations worldwide for kiting year-round is Cabarete’s Kitebeach. Kite all day, observe the kitesurfers from your balcony or bed, and then choose whether to launch your kite or stay a little longer in your cozy apartment. Take use of our free high-speed Internet access with your laptop from any of our rooms, or even better, use our wireless connectivity while relaxing in a lounge chair by the pool. Working remotely is greatly possible at this resort.

Agualina Kite Hotel

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