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Longboard Chris - Kiteshooter

He got his first 35mm camera at the age of ten. Forty years later, he is just as passionate about photography. In many ways Longboard Chris – Kiteshooter is old school, but the creative process is what keeps him young. The thrill of getting a good shot is as strong now as it was when he first started.

In 2016, he made the transition from a paid hobby to full-time freelancing. All kinds of work has come his way, but the lion’s share has come from the kite community – he didn’t even know kiting existed before 2014. He is currently based in Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. He spends most of his work and free time at Kite Beach.

When the forces come together, amazing things can happen. Part of the joy is feeling the positive energy that comes from my kitesurfing clients. We feed off each other’s excitement when the wind is up and the adrenaline is pumping. That’s when it goes beyond work.

No matter what the subject, Longboard Chris – Kiteshooter gets a similar rush. Getting a good shot is like catching a big fish. The thrill of the chase is always there, whether it’s a beginner’s kite lesson or a professional acrobat, a cosy couple or an extended family, a birth or even a memorial.

The passion extends far beyond the time spent behind the lens. The initial review, selection and editing process is as consuming as it is fun. In the old darkroom days, there was always a wait between the shot and the final result. There is still that wait, and although it is over much sooner now, the feeling of excited anticipation is still there.

There is a considerable amount of responsibility in some of the work he does and he takes it very seriously. Suffice it to say that he has had some life changing experiences as a photographer. At the end of the day, knowing that he has made someone happy completes my day and so much more.

Longboard Chris refers to his experience on longboards, the skate variety. For some time now, it’s been his handle on social media.

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