Kitebeach Condos

What makes Kitebeach Condos the perfect holiday destination?

High chance of wind all year round. No boats, buoys, nets etc in the water – just perfect uninterrupted ocean. Always kite with company – no need to worry about being alone on the water or having no one to launch/land your kite. There’s always someone around. Onsite kite rinse and pack down area right in front of the condo.

Onsite swimming pool – loosen up those muscles before you hit the kites. 24-hour security – You’ll feel completely safe around the clock. Great vibe amongst the kiters – many people at Condos (the complex this condo is in) are long term residents who live here to kite. You’ll quickly find that Kite Beach is a very friendly, social and welcoming place. Great eating and drinking options right on the beach – no need to travel anywhere when you’re hungry. Happy hour, Point Break bar/restaurant is very close by. Sip on delicious cocktails while watching the sunset kite action. There is even a circus school if you fancy toning your abs while swinging 20m off the ground.

It’s the Caribbean!
Which, of course, means gorgeous local beaches, friendly locals and a cultural vibrancy like no other. Cabarete sets itself apart by being an authentic, independent traveller’s destination, not a 5* all inclusive. Come here for the real thing. Think Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs – Cabarete backs onto a stunning National Park. Reservations can be made through our contact form.

Kitebeach Condos

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